The best way to recruit new hires right from their colleges.

KudosWall for Business is the perfect solution for businesses looking to recruit new hires through college placement offices. Post jobs, set your parameters, and find your next team members right from their colleges — all with no hassle.

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  • Post jobs

    Posting jobs for your company on KudosWall is a no-frills experience: Simply enter all of the important details about your posting and post as you would anywhere else. The experience is simple, easy, and familiar. Best of all, when you post on KudosWall, our network of colleges’ placement officers and students get them automatically.

  • Review and hire applicants

    Once your jobs are posted, student applications from colleges can be reviewed right from your fingertips. Businesses can view applicant CVs online via KudosWall (no downloads necessary!) and contact them directly from the dashboard.